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Welcome to the Home of A-TRACK - Your DCC Buddy !

    -    Engineered by Terry Chamberlain

    Latest Version 4.4.348 - Now Available

    -    see the A-TRACK page for details of all features

    -    and the Get A-TRACK page for guidance on download and installation

Originally designed as a complete Model Railroad control solution designed for ease of use, fully-compliant with the National Model Railroad Association's Digital Command Control standards, and based around an Atari XL/XE Classic computer plus custom hardware, A-TRACK has now developed into a fully-featured software application running on a standard Windows PC, under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 and interfacing to any NCE Power Cab, Smart Booster, DCC Twin, or Power Pro DCC System.

The A-TRACK system has been designed and built to meet the requirements of model railroaders (rather than computer experts) with the programming and tuning of their DCC-based layouts and rolling stock, and to preserve and protect all of the effort that they have put into setting up their equipment. A full installation, through several iterations, has been in successful operation at the Cochise & Western Model Railroad Club in Sierra Vista, Arizona for over 15 years.

The latest, complete version of A-TRACK, together with a comprehensive User Guide and full supporting documentation, is available to download FREE for personal or club use. Further details, and instructions on how to obtain a fully-functional version of A-TRACK, can be found on the Get A-TRACK page.  

Also featured in the Projects section is a selection of electronics units that you can build yourself, including the Quad Servo DCC Decoder (an accessory decoder to drive four servos for turnout control), plus an extended version, the Quad Servo Decoder Monitor, which incorporates the equivalent of an NCE Auxiliary Input Unit (AIU) to provide feedback of turnout positions as well as from other devices such as block (track occupancy) detectors. Details to build two examples of block detectors are provided, and you can also build the feedback section of the QSDM as a stand-alone NCE AIU equivalent, the Layout Input Monitor.

You can also find details of some older projects, including an automatic railroad crossing controller (ARCC) plus a DCC decoder tester.

The Links page contains links to sites that are related to the featured projects, to suppliers of software and hardware, and to sources of information that I have found useful. Please let me know if you find that any of these links no longer work - or if you feel that significant links are missing.

The intention is, as projects evolve and new developments are completed, that the information in these pages will be expanded. I hope you find something useful or interesting here.


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